Type of sellers to target

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@Tarik Sapp Listen, Im going to give it to you straight because no one else will. You cannot wholesale with no money and no car. If you have no money and no car then wholesaling is not for you. Get a job. Get 2 jobs. Get 6 jobs. Get a car. Or a bicycle or a vespa. Get your finances in order before you try and get into real estate investing. There is no avenue of real estate investing, including wholesaling, that can be done with no money. By comparison to other methods, wholesaling requires significantly less capital, but it still requires capital. And common sense. You think a homeowner who is experiencing such a financial difficulty that they are willing to sell their home for significantly leas than what its worth would believe someone who cant afford a car has the cash to buy their home? Come on now.

Im not saying you should never get into real estate. All Im saying is that you should get your finances in order before you start trying to invest in real estate.