Bonus depreciation -cost segregation study

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So my business model is wholesaling but I am also trying to acquire rentals through Creative Financing strategies and I was thinking that if I do acquire some rentals to just use a property manager so they can find the tenants and deal with the extra stuff so I can focus on my main business model without having to Spend excess time on the rentals as long as the properties still cash flow good. I would like to hear some opinions on what you all think about this .?

@Jacob Michal ,

My plan is also to get into rentals, which I plan to do with income from wholesaling.  It's a sound strategy.

There are lots of benefits to it.  Cash flow, of course.  Depreciation, as you mentioned.  Increased equity over time.

@Jacob Michal ,

Then I say go for it.  As always, do your homework and network a lot with other investors.

But it sounds like you have a good plan.

Good luck!

I think it sounds like a great strategy. I like how you are going to remain focused on your primary strategy. Just make sure you don't view a property manager as something you can ignore and everything will go perfectly. It will still require some keeping tabs on.  Good luck.