Ethical Way to Wholesale Relying on Cash Buyers - Not Enough Fund

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@Solomon Ficklin ,

If you're looking to wholesale, you don't need the funds to close the deal.  Is it ethical?  Yes, if done correctly?  Do not deceive your seller.  Explain to them exactly what you do.  Be of service to them.  The sellers that can be helped by wholesalers are those who have a need to sell quickly due to life circumstances.  The price they sell for is not their top priority.  Their top priority is speed and probably not having to put money into fixing up their property.  If you can truly help them by selling their property quickly where they are not able to do this on their own, you are providing them with a valuable service.

When done as a service to the seller, where they know exactly what's going on, and in a legal manner, you're doing a good thing.