Making the First Call

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So I have SEVERAL POSSIBLE properties here in the Las Vegas Metro Area...

Contact Info

Home Info


Like I literally have EVERYTHING I need to so a successful flip

But somethings holding me back from making

the call. I seen a FSBO sign in front of

POTENTIAL seller home and didnt bite at it.

Can anyone give me some advice as far as breaking down the wall ? I dont know why im so intimated

by success/failure...


First thing is to make sure you know what your doing, know the market and have a solid buyers list that will close. 

Next you need a good simple script and practice it. You can use this - Hi this is Mikal and I’m calling about the house you have for sale. Then ask them to describe it, why they are selling, when they need to sell and how much they need to get for the house.

Then You have to just do it and build confidence.