Market in Michigan ?

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Hey guys, me and my fiancé have been wanting to move from Texas to Michigan but I don’t know if Michigan is a good state to invest on properties for cashflow and do wholesaling, is anyone in Michigan area doing this things ? Would you recommend it ?

@Luis Magnus

There are plenty of folks invest in all kinds of real estate investment types.  

There are probably dozens of real estate meet up groups in different parts of the Metro Detroit area; where you can network, learn and grow your business.

Welcome to Michigan.


@Luis Magnus I had the same question. But now that I've been visiting lately and I see bigger companies coming in... That's my que that there's opportunity.

@Luis Magnus I moved from Michigan to TX because the market in TX was so much stronger at the time. Now, 5 years later, the market is doing well there and I have started doing a little bit of long distance investing back in my home state. What part of Michigan are you moving to?

@Lydia T. Oh thats interesting, what type of investing are you doing over there ? i don't know what part of Michigan i want to go to honestly, we are moving mostly because we love the snow and we rather cold weather plus my fiance has family there, but i obviously want to move to a city that makes sense for my business. which cities do you recommend ?

@Luis Magnus I do wholesales and flips. My mom owns a real estate brokerage there and she does more buy and holds and flips. I like Wayne County and Oakland county for investing. Steady job growth, starting to see some decent appreciation. What areas have you looked at living in? Where is your fiancés family?

@Lydia T. Well that sounds awesome that you and your mom and in the business together, i hope someone in my family had some real estate background to help me out haha pretty much starting from scratch here. We haven't really looked into it its still just an idea in our heads, they live in a small town called Kalkaska, but we don't want to be in a small town so...