Deals with no cash buyers

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Hello BP family! Hope everyone is having an amazing day. I’m new to wholesaling. I have deals in my pipeline but finding cash buyers has been difficult here in SoCal. I have 3 currently on my list, does anyone have any tips on building my cash buyers list? Thanks in advance!

@Keena Clark  

Best ways to find cash buyers is networking at local REI meetups, masterminds, Facebook groups,

Realtors, title companies, closing attorneys, property management companies, auctions, Craigslist, bandit signs, google search etc.

You can search real estate transactions in your tax database. Look for entities and individuals that have bought multiple properties. You may need to search by the address of the buyer as they may change their name or the name of the entity on each purchase.

You can also buy lists from companies like list source and subscribe to software that will show you who the cash buyers are. You can skip trace addresses with a service like datazap and calm them up.