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@Jason McVey ,

I typically pay $500 - $1,000. It depends on what they do. I offer $500 to start, and then if they start asking about getting the seller information for me, I bump up the fee. The more they do, the more they earn. If they were to go to the level of talking to the owner and working on setting up the deal, they I move on to splitting the fee.

@Jason McVey ,

Regarding paying them for just driving around and tagging homes, I'm personally still not planning on doing that.  But I have been thinking about it.  If they're earning a commission, that should be good enough, but it's very possible they won't see anything for their efforts.  I might offer a small bonus for X number of leads tagged, but I'm also hesitant to do that as it might encourage them to tag things that shouldn't be tagged.  If someone were tagging a lot of properties, then chances are we'd get a deal going and I wouldn't have to worry about compensating them just for their time.

That's my stream of thought.  Probably not very helpful at this point.  :)

@Barry Pekin

That’s where I’ve been in limbo. I wanted to create something to cover their efforts, but also don’t want them to tag 100’s of homes and only have a handful of quality leads.

With deal machine I would decide who gets mailers sent and which ones to dismiss.

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Hope you all are doing well. 

My name is Angel. I have a few months of experience in doing virtual driving for dollars. The firm I was working for has got almost all the leads they need from the areas they were looking for and hence I would now like to work with a new firm. If any of you are interested adding a new virtual driver to your team, please consider me. 

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