Do you guys typically follow up with your leads everyday?

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@Richard Hickman I assume this is for people that have reached out to you or responded to marketing. First rule is to live answer as many leads a possible.

If you have made contact with a seller you ask permission to follow up. 

If you are not able to reach the seller you should follow up a couple of times a day for the first few days then once a week for a month. If you still have no luck move to once a month.

@Richard Hickman - Great Question!

@Greg Dickerson - Great answer for inbound leads. I'm curious as to what others do in their business. 

In general, we typically call once a day and leave a VM. If it's been 1-3 days with no contact, we may also text and/or email sellers who have expressed interest in selling. A different approach and follow-up schedule might be used for those you reached out to either by calling, door-knocking, texting, etc. as timeline to sell is likely to be longer than an inbound lead.

Ultimately, a potential seller's level of motivation, asking price, timeline to sell, and condition of the property will determine whether we keep a lead in our follow-up campaigns. For instance, if the house has been recently rehabbed, is rented, and the owner isn't in a hurry, we may follow-up every 3-6 months. There's not much motivation - however, motivation may change as time goes on so we stay in touch. 

For a highly motivated seller, we may call them once in the morning and if we don't hear back from them, we'll try to reach out once again in the afternoon or evening. Then once daily for several days to a week. When possible will try to text, email, find them on social media, etc. to see if we can make contact. Then every 2-3 days for a couple of weeks, then 1x per month, then 1x every 3 months, and push it out. We've had good results from this, and leads you wouldn't think would respond often do after the 3 month follow-up. Everyone says different things about how many "touches" or times you must follow-up to complete a sales cycle. Some will be ready to sell right away and others will need a LOT more time. 

In general, if someone is annoyed at you for following-up, they'll let you know or simply not respond/answer the phone. As long as you aren't calling someone more than 2-3 times a day to follow-up on a "hot" lead, then you're probably fine.