Confusion about contracts in Connecticut(WholeSaling)

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Hello BP community! Hoping to get a response from either other wholesalers or a CT based attorney. 

So im reviewing the CT real estate contract for the seller and I, in order for me to have the property under contract. In the premade contract it mentions the seller verifying my ability to buy the property before signing. But i won't be buying the property. The investor will be buying it. How do i get around that? 

Also how can i legally tweak the contract to include that i am able to reassign my contract within a certain period of time? 

And lastly, where would i find the contract for me and the buyer stating im reassigning my contract to them? 

Thanks in advance. 

@Brianna Ross-Lord there are contracts here in the FilePlace. I can't find the link at the moment, but hopefully a search here will find it. These files are sometimes of dubious quality. Use at your own risk.

You really should have an attorney review or even create one for you. It is also a great idea to learn about contracts so that you understand what you are signing. 

Thank you. I certainly plan to have an attorney review it first before doing anything with it. Is it that im able to sort of put a few things in there that i want? Im also transparent ,So there's definitely some things i want to put in there of my own. So maybe i should find a template and add my own things to it, and then get it reviewed?