Owner is decease and taxes are not being paid

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@Kenesha Lewis ,  Greg and Mark correctly point you to the expected and generally preferred method of acquiring Real Property after the former owner dies.  In every  county, there will also be instances in which none of the heirs will care enough or be motivated enough to deal with the property or put it through probate.  Typically such properties remain vacant and derelict until they are foreclosed for delinquent property taxes.  

If a property has been truly "abandoned" it is possible to interrupt the property tax foreclosure process by paying the delinquent taxes yourself and simply using it as though it were your own. Eventually, (7 years in Florida), you can have the title quieted in your name. See:

Same as what almost anyone says above.

You may have to pay the delinquent taxes before the city re-deeds it. The city I live in begins this process after t he taxes haven’t been paid for 3 years.

What the city does with at after that varies, sometimes it may not end up even going on the market for years depending on what it is.

Your best bet is to look up who is responsible for the estate and have an off market purchase and sales agreement ready with your offer.

I’ve done this with people that are alive and haven’t paid their taxes.

I’m not sure if you would have to deal with any court/probate legal stuff.

It may sound kinda complicated at first, but if the price is right it’ll be lay up.