Wholesaling Mobile Homes (55+ Community)

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Hi, there!

I am looking into buying Mobile/Manufactured homes and wholesale them since I have came across a few that I do see a profitable return on. 

I do have a few questions for those who have been in the niche of mobile homes. Most always the good deals I've come across require the buyer to be 55+ of age. How do you go about this? From my conversations with the park managers, so long as nobody lives in the home, you can buy and rehab it but you must be 55+ if you wish to live in it. I would think the process would require me to get it under contract, assign it to a buyer, and the buyer would assume responsibility of selling it to a qualified candidate.

Am I in the right page here? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


Yeah that is about it, the concern is that it limits the buyer pool for you in two ways, investors who buy mobile homes AND investors who buy 55+, if they are flipping their buyer pool is limited to only 55+ it seems like you've been looking at this from a flipping perspective.

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