WS newby-interested seller in Washington state, now what?

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Hello BP members! This is my first wholesale transaction. I live in Idaho but my seller (residential home) lives in Lakewood, Washington and isn't in a huge hurry to sell and will wait for me to get my 'shtuff' together. :-) I basically need someone to hold my hand and walk me through the process to make sure I have all my t's crossed and my i's dotted. Right now I am looking for a wholesale friendly title company to handle the contract/papers and then searching for an interested buyer. Anyone willing to help a newbie make her first deal?  I have a lot to learn and so looking forward to it, thanks so much!

Hi Barry, yes I have. The ARV is $459,000, $5000 in estimated repairs and have not presented and offer just yet. I've been staying in contact going over details and It seems the seller now is waiting for a magic number he has set in his head that he needs. He may want too much, we'll see. This may be a property that since there is not a whole lot of repairs needed, would be better off going through an agent if that is the case. Hopefully not, but that is the vibe I am getting.