Hello Everyone! My name is Tiroca Battle and I am currently in the process of handling my very first Wholesale deal In the Detroit market. With this being said I am very excited but also filled with questions in terms of my scenario.

I will give a full description of what’s going on. All advice is welcome and for those who choose to help I very much appreciate you.

I currently have a motivated seller who has four rental properties that he is trying to sell for business capital.

He has 2 SFH that are converted to MFH and 2 SFH.

3 he uses to rent out individual and 1 is currently vacant. The homes were quit claimed deed to him some years ago and he has paid off the properties since then. However, the homes all are back 2 years on taxes at around 3,000 for each home.

The two converted MFH both have around 6-8 people living in them with each room being rented out at $325 per room. Both are 3 bed 2 bath with a partially finished basement. Owner wants 15k for each

Property number 3 has 3bd 2 bath and needs the most work. It needs new paint as he found there was lead in the house, new baseboards, and this house is empty. because of these issues, the owner was looking to offer this at 8-10K

Property #4 is listed currently with an agent for 22k it's a brick 3bd 2 bath home and its down the road from property number three. All that needs to be done with this home is a minor roofing job. This home is too owner occupied.

All homes have bills paid and have no outstanding blights.

I am set to visit the property this Thursday after Christmas

Owner is willing to sell all four homes together at 50k

Questions I have:

Is this a good deal? I have yet to do comparable in the area nor inspect but the owner wants them gone at 50k and I believe this is a great offer in the market.

Will buyers see this as a good deal with 3 of the homes being owner occupied and 1 vacant with all the homes being back 2 years on taxes?

With the homes being a quit claim deed, are these homes marketable to buyers?

Should I come to the inspection with a seller's agreement and make the offer considering he wants to sell all four? Or should I use mls to make comparables then call back with an offer?

Do I put the Properties all under one contract or four separate contracts? If I can put them all under one contract, how so?

I’m going to take photos of the properties but he said itll be hard to get photos of the room because people are occupied in them. Is this bad and would buyers not be willing to take the deal I market to them because of this?

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to read this.