Subject to? How to?

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Hey BP!

How can I “subject to” a property with the following details:

Seller is extremely motivated to move! Extremely

Would like to buy a condo and only asking for cash to cover that amount(maybe $20k) plus she owes $157k on it.

The house is in good neighborhood and needs cosmetic work only (well not totally sure) but pretty sure. I’m budgeting maybe $15k for that.

Rent can be between $1600-1800

ARV if repaired would be $220k-$235k

I’m new and I’m trying to help this seller but I don’t know if an investor would buy/hold

What are some options?

Please help

Sub2 means buying while leaving the existing financing in place & taking over the pmts. on that existing financing. It's a little complicated to do it right. If you're new, you need to get educated on all of the moving parts before attempting one IMO. Way too much info to put in an email.