Any advice on how to learn the basics of wholesales?

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Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone knew where I could learn the basics of wholesales? I would love to get into real estate and I’m trying to learn one strategy at a time before knowing how to invest. Many of my friends have suggested learning whole sale. Any advice?

@Raphael Abergel ,

There's soooooo much information available about wholesaling.  I suggest reading the book, "If you can't wholesale after this... I've got nothing for you."

And be prepared for the long haul. You're very UNlikely to start closing deals from the start. You need to put the pieces in place, attend local REI meetups all the time, build a strong buyers list (the easiest part, actually), and then market and market and market and market. Not to mention, there are all sorts of ways to market, so you have to pick what works for you.

Good luck!