Anyone hear of Vestright land deals

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I just took a call with them.  They are new and can't provide verification of student success.  The only success they can speak to is how much $$ their company is making.  Additionally, when I asked some probing questions the guy I was speaking with got defensive (red flag).  He then asked how I would be paying the $9K.  I would stay away.  

@Michael Guido

This is Cody Bjugan from VestRight. Several people that are involved with BiggerPockets I know through a Mastermind Group I’m apart of called GoBundance.

VestRight is a newer company we started. You can visit our website to see what other are saying about our course.

You can also visit our development company website

Anyways, the course is very legitimate. We created it through our experiences. I can truly say I wish there was a course out there like this when I started, I would have made a whole lot less mistakes.

Take care and I hope this was helpful.

@Kyle Rosseau I had the same experience when I talked to Cody's son. The call was all about my retirement plans and making a change in my life. Part of the sign up is they make you type a long sentence that says you will answer the phone when they call. After I signed up for the call I got daily robo text messages from them. Then I got texts from the salesman insisting that I confirm our call. Evidently a lot of people sign up for the call and then don't answer. He calls from a California cell phone, claims he is currently in Scottsdale AZ, and then has to look up Buckeye AZ on google maps to find out where I live. I guess that is plausible to be in the real estate industry and tourist in Scottsdale, and not know about the fastest growing and largest city in the country (square miles, not people). He claims they are verifiable online and that I should be comfortable doing business over the phone and internet. He says he talks to hundreds of people every month, but only a select few are a good fit for their course. I have read "How to win friends and influence people", "Influence the psychology of persuasion", and "Influencer the power to change anything" also, I know these tactics. The biggest red flag was that if I was "decisive" then the price was $9K today, if not then the price was $16K. That, to me is not the integrity that they talk about in their videos.

The problem I see is I haven't found a legitimate testimonial on a third party website that they don't have a financial interest in. My advertising dollars go to a credible, local referral radio show that vetted me. There is a testimonial from someone at DR Horton. It seems to me that a good company would want to write an operations manual instead of a training course. Then they could hire people and do "all" of DR Hortons development work. Especially here in the hot Phoenix market, where they are doing a lot of work. Then they could make more money doing less sales and continue to follow their "teaching passion" by training employees instead of students. Or at least write a best selling book to help sell their course or seminars.

I have worked in the Architecture arena for 20+ years. I am just 3 more tests away from obtaining my Architects license. I have been through land developments. Some that have been successful and some that got submarined because the municipality got greedy. I would love to partner with someone that wants to do land development. By partner, I mean reduced design fees in exchange for a share of the profit. This gives me the incentive to create a timely, and profitable design. We both make more money and it is a win-win.

What I haven't seen in the testimonials is someone that has actually said they have closed a deal. I also don't see any from someone that reveals their credible previous occupation. Every testimonial seems like all of them have zero background in Architecture, construction or Engineering.

I love swinging a hammer on the weekends to get away from the office, but not to replace the office. Maybe some fix-n-flips, fix-n-rents, or new spec homes are in my future if there is an investor that wants to put up the money and not swing a hammer. Some people say that "those that say money does not buy happiness just don't know where to shop". One thing I know for sure is that my happiness is not determined by my income, but how I grow doing the things I love to do.

I hope Vestright has some success by showing integrity in their offering. Right now I have to keep my $16K since I no longer qualify for the $9K price. I will find a better place to put the money to work for me.

If I had the supper secret knowledge of how to get the lunch meetings with the right investors/developers/builders, that don't already have their own in-house acquisitions staff and/or Architecture/Engineering firms doing it for them, I would not tell it or sell it to anyone. I would build the biggest Architecture and development company on the planet. Then put it on autopilot with a good operations manual.

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