How to find a buyers list

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Hey Kasha,

Try local Facebook groups, local REIAs, and a quick web search of "sell my house fast". But, you have to make sure to reach out and qualify them as actual cash buyers.

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Propstream as a way to search for Properties purchased with Cash. Theres all types of criteria you can use to filter types of properties specifically Cash Buyers boughts. The free ways are cool but let's be real who's a real buyer, some guy on facebook typing or "joey" who sent 300k cash sometime well into Covid-19 pandemic.  Let the show you who is for real.  

Always have something available Off Market or something "coming down the pipeline".Network with strong lead generating potential J.V. partners. From a mindset tweak... Be confident at all times, never think your begging them for something. In all actuality they need what you have to offer. A value bag.

Theres other ways. But in 2020/2021 the key is speed. Owner might represented as LLC. Look up them in the state corporation website sis. They may have mailing address that's a residential. Look up the residential owners of said address and boom you've got yo Joe White who buys under JW123 LLC. Reach out to them.

There's also skip tracing services now, that Skip LLC's too--(I believe Batch skip leads or whatever

Be confident and knowledgeable. You're not selling anything ,  you're seeing if you can help by  Adding Value to there potential investing objectives ---Discounted Off Market Deals.   

@Kasha Johnson - Hey Kasha!

Post deal properties you have under contract on the WAREI Facebook group. Follow the rules! They will get scooped right up if you have a real deal.

You can make your own list by looking for flips in your target markets on Zillow and Redfin. Reach out to the listing agent and ask if they want to receive off market deal properties for their clients. They do! Haha