What is the best way to contact seller in the wholesale market?

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@Brandon Dorsey Cold calling is going to be very effective since you'll know whether or not you actually made contact with the seller. Direct mail is going to give you a 1-5% response rate, cold calling will be much higher. With that said, I firmly believe that any type of marketing that gives you a positive ROI is worth doing.

For example, we currently earn about $7 for every $1 we spend on direct mail, so if we spend $1,000 on mail we will make $7,000ish in revenue. We also have a good carrot website with strong SEO, my cost on those deals is zero but there's no reason for me to stop sending mail because I get such a great return. There are lots and lots of way to find deals, if someone tells you there's only one way or that other ways are bad then they're likely just trying to sell you on their product or service.

@Brandon Dorsey direct mail was mentioned and cold calling was mentioned but text messaging is advantageous as well especially if your doing cold calling. Text messaging is less expensive and with a much higher response rate. All marketing is effective if you’re consistent.