I want them ALL Begging!!

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How is everyone out there in the investment world!. Im new to wholesaling, and Im looking for a way/place to find the best deals with mouth watering equity! My city doesnt allow bandit signs so thats a "no no" for me. (SHUX) But I really want to be successful, and Ive been telling everyone That I'm going to be real estate billionaire. Still have yet to do one deal.. Can Someone help me as to where I can get the BEST leads for my area, for my wholesaling business? I want my buyers chasing me down for my leads!..Please..there has got to be a way..And I know YOU know it!!.

Newbie Blood A.K.A Marlon Dugar

I'm pretty sure most successful real estate investors got there by working hard. And I can't think of one that would just hand deals over to someone begging for them. There are many successful people on this website that have given advice on how to get there. WORK on reading a ton of this info, and getting education anywhere you can find it. When you're ready, do some deals, build a name for yourself. And then maybe people will be handing you deals, because they know you can make it a win win situation for them.

So to sum it all up, work for it.

I'll leave this thread up as long as it stays to discussion about finding leads.

@Marlon Dugar , if you actually want to try to find leads here, you will need to post in the Marketplace forum.

Levi, Angel, and Jon Thanks for all your advice, see you at the top.

Good deals are made, not found.
Look on craigslist. work on negotiations and creating a win/ win deal for people. This will get you on the road to the billionaire status you deserve!
Good luck, You can do it!!

P.S. Bandit signs are good on weekends. put them out at 530 friday and pick them up on Sunday. This will keep the city off of your back. I pay a buck a sign placed and a buck per sign picked up. Works great.

Does any town actually allow bandit signs? I thought that's what Prepaid cell phones were for. Just don't accidentally agree to meet the code enforcement guy for a chat.

Nobody allows bandit signs. That's why we can call ourselves bandits!

Follow Rob's advice. The deal is made when you negotiate it.

If you want to build a reputable business, stay away from doing illegal things in your business like posting bandit signs. There are countless other ways to market.

I agree 100% with Josh, it also sets the professionals apart from the "operators".

If you demonstrate in public that you are willing to sneak by, circumvent the rules in one area, then you're most likely the kind of person that would be willing to sneak by or circumvent other rules.

BTW, here, the city hired part timers, to collect sign illegally posted.
They were paid per sign and milage according to the local news. They could pick up ANY sign at ANY time that was in violation.
Then, there are those city officials/employees that have a sence of duty, they could pick up your sign going to the grocery store and toss it in thier car and give you a call on Monday.

If you think you'll get by with just a phone number, the city pickes them up, the police can get the service provider with the number, see who has the account and zap you.

Only those willing to cheat, cheat, starting out (or thereafter) if integrity means anything to you I suggest you have the public see you in a good light! I've gotten rid of alot of properties and never used bandit signs.

Might work in some places, not here, besides, they are trashy eye sores IMO.

Thanks to all for the awesome answers. I'll take everyone's thoughts into consideration. Hopefully I can use"legal" methods to find the leads I want.

Originally posted by Marlon Dugar:
Thanks to all for the awesome answers. I'll take everyone's thoughts into consideration. Hopefully I can use"legal" methods to find the leads I want.

Marlon, you can get leads and contacts at the Harlaquin (sp?) Rest. on 171 near McNeese. Use to be the hang out for the movers in Lake Charles. A great town and should be an easy area to work.

I'm sure there is a real estate school there for real estate agents, you might consider starting there, not saying take the exam for the license but the material presented will put you months (maybe longer) ahead of trying to dig out information piece by piece or from any guru stuff.

La. law is unique as well as a community property state, it will help you address title issues.

Finding leads can be had making friends with those classmates too, as new Realtors, you may get them to assist you on thier side of the fence.

Go to the Parish courthouse and learn your way around. You can dig out all kinds of leads and buyers right there without posting any sign!

Hey, Pass a Good Time! Good Luck....

Hey thanks Bill for the information. I thought about going to realtor school. How would I get buyer and seller leads from the courthouse?

Also Bill how would you find deals at the Harlequin Restaurant?

That's why RE school is a good thing, you'll learn the flow of transactions, filings, tax assessments, title search information, liens filed and who grantors and grantees are.

The topic has been covered here as well, search "courthouse leads" that may bring some materials up for you.

Those who buy properties can be found in the records, private and hard money lenders can also be found. For seller, leads, get more creative, look for estate issues, foreclsoure filings, evictions by landlords, tax liens, even new business filings may lead you to a seller, tons of info there. Good luck!

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