Best way to find wholesale deals

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Where are you get your best marketing results from for wholesaling/Where are you getting your deals? Direct mail? Cold calling? Door knocking? Driving for dollars? Bandit signs?

In the past I did bandit signs which worked pretty well but very time consuming getting them put up.

I currently do cold calling but that again is very time consuming and labor intensive although roi is pretty good.

@Mike Mannello ,

I believe the best ways to find deals are those ways that work best for YOU.  Every method takes some combination of time, effort, and money.  Not to mention, some may be more attractive to you than others.  So, to answer that question, what works best for you.  What are you willing to do?  Are you willing to pay for marketing, or do you prefer more work than money?

Pretty much no matter what you do, you need to be persistent and keep at it.  If something's working, keep doing it.  At that point, if you want to add something into the mix, make sure you're not overextending yourself and that you don't start to neglect what's working.

Consistent direct mail campaigns are the most reliable in my opinion, but often the most costly. I don't like Bandit Signs because many jurisdictions have rules against them and also because anyone can just take them down at any time and you will never know. So you are spending money on something that may not even last a day.

When you say cold calling, what list are you using? Cold calling, in general, is not going to get a lot of people to sell and your only chance would be if the list was excellent and you have a leveraged phone script that answers all of their objections. Driving for dollars is better for new people who want to learn how to identify fixers and then verify the information, but if you don't have a back end system for getting info on the properties, D for D won't get you much.

@Michael A DeAngelo ,

I like to use PropStream (you could use anything) to find good potential properties in an area, then feed them into Batch Geocode to map out an efficient way to drive those properties looking for signs of physical distress.  It's like stacking motivations.  As I drive them, I make notes of their condition and also look for anything else I might see on the way.