Single wide trailer with land

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Wholesaling a single wide trailer with 3bd, 2ba, and 3.25 acres of land, built in 1995, central heating and air needs fixings. Would getting this property under contract for $30k and wholesaling it for $35k for a $5k profit be a good deal?

@Gregory A Miller If the central heat and air conditioning needs to be replaced, that could be a deal killer if buyers are looking for it. Replacing the unit could be a lot. Another option is to put window units but it depends on the market and the buyers in the area. You may want to start getting estimates from contractors in the area to see how much it would take to fix up the home. Good luck! 

Thank you for response. I had a contractor friend with me and she says the house would only need about $600 worth of work. The central heating and air just need to be fixed not replaced. It does have about three to four window units

@Gregory A Miller ,

Since you're talking wholesaling, do you have or at least know of buyers looking for deals like that, and does it fit their criteria?  I think that's what determines a good deal from a bad deal.

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