Wholesaling in Hampton Roads

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Hi guys,

Long time lurker here looking to get his feet wet in the world of Real Estate. I am wondering for someone getting started in wholesaling should I look for buyers first to get an idea of what properties to look for or should I go ahead and find a property/seller first?

Also, I plan to wholesale in Virginia Beach, VA and Chesapeake, VA before possibly expanding to the rest of the Hampton Roads area. Is this feasible in the state of Virginia, especially in the midst of this pandemic? If so, what are the laws and regulations I should be are aware of?

@Derald Frazier I can’t speak to wholesaling during a pandemic because I’m not an active wholesaler but I do know people are still buying deals.

As far as buyer or deal first, I would say you can work on both at the same time so you get started. It will take a little time to find a deal and you can be finding buyers while you do that. Research what has sold recently in the areas you plan to wholesale in and start targeting those types of properties.