Wholesaling. How do i find buyers in my area ?

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I have been looking into Wholesaling for about 3 weeks now. Have learned a bit thanks to You Tube and the Bigger Pockets Podcast. I understand the overall concept, getting a house under contract and selling that contract for a deal. Besides the money I also understand that this business is all about fixing problems and helping others out. Great! One thing I'm not so sure about is where to find cash buyers. I was hoping to find some on here. I'm located in the Metro Atlanta area in Georgia. If anyone would like to be apart of my Buyers list just please let me know. 

I also had one more question if anyone had the time out of their day to answer. How do I fill out a contract Properly and can I also use any title company that is in my state regardless of what county they're in?

@Jair Salgado , start with your local REIA, search for folks from your area right here in BP, ask them about your local REIA, join the meetings, get to know who is who in that network. Everybody supports everybody. Also look out for signs of we buy houses for cash in your neighborhood- those are cash buyers, they also put up those signs on craigslist. Google cash buyers near me, you might be surprised, I found 2 just like that. But above all- network with your local ecosystem of investors.