I have $93k in the form of a HELOC. How would you spend it?

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If I had $93,000 in a HELOC I'd look to flip. If you have some experience or can find the right partner to work with. Flipping is a necessary skill for most real estate investors. The right flip could gross you thirty- to forty-thousand, or fifteen- to twenty-thousand with a partner.

In my opinion, the trick with a HELOC is not using the funds for a buy-and-hold situation. HELOCs tend to be best when you can borrow and payback the money quickly to avoid most of the interest.

What were you leaning toward using it for?

@Jake Cooper ,

One of the biggest challenges you're going to face is finding the right properties.  Wholesalers face this as their biggest challenge, but it's the same for all investors because it's the first step of any real estate venture.  Start networking, especially with successful wholesalers since they're already marketing for those types of properties, and they want to sell them to someone like you.

I would also do some research on the various ways you can invest.  There's a guide here on BP somewhere that's a beginner's guide to investing.  I would check that out to see what some of the options are.  I also agree with @Jody Sperling that you don't want to tie that HELOC money into a long term investment. You're going to be paying that interest and you won't have funds for your next deal. If you invest in such a way that you can get that money back fairly quickly, then you're ready for the next deal instead of waiting to pay off that debt for who knows how long.