Looking to gain Wholesaling experience (Orlando, FL)

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Hello - 

I am looking to learn more about Wholesaling - how to accurately calculate the deals, what laws I should be aware of, and everything in between! If anyone in the Orlando area is looking for an apprentice or a motivated individual to help find deals, I would be happy to connect with you and learn as much as I can from you. 



The art of wholesaling in and of itself is a skill one has to acquire by doing - this is just my opinion. You want to make sure you are not "whole-tailing" . With that being said,  if you 

Go to the Networks tab -> Search Members -> Type Orlando FL -> select Members tab. 

You'll get a list of members that you can filter by niches and strategies.

Keep in mind , you need to bring some of value to this "situationship" . You know , ask yourself questions like: Do I have time that I can spare? Do I have knowledge that is beneficial to this wholesaler? Do I have the hustle ? Be open about where you are right now and what exactly you are trying to achieve.  You may have to connect with and send a pm as contacting with every one of them at one time would be considered spamming and some of your privileges restricted.

Another way to gain experience is read blogs , go on wholesale sub-forums on BP, Ask questions on here, watch lots of videos and dive in head first, fail , start all over from failure till you get it right.  

@Tommy Adeoye thanks for the insight! It may have not been clear in my post, but I certainly don't want to freeload. I hope to connect with someone who is looking for an eager individual to help in whatever way possible with the hopes of learning a bit about REI in the process!