Contracts process go?

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How does the Real Estate Process go when wholesaling to the seller and buyer?

Would i have to go to title and give them both contracts (from seller &buyer) together or one by one?

And how long would i wait once title has both contracts signed from myself and the buyer and seller?

@John Rojas

While I don't do wholesaling, sounds like you are a little confused.  You don't do much of any of that to my understanding.  You get property under contract with the seller.  Then, you find a buyer.  For fee, you sell YOUR right to purchase that property and the buyer assumes the sales contract.  Now, the sales contract is between the "buyer" and "seller" and you get your fee (however you get it).

No disrespect to you but that can easily be answered if you watch Youtube and googling that. If you are coming to real estate please educate yourself. That is why Wholeselling gets a bad name. There are plenty of high-level investors teaching on youtube like sean terry, watch them and read a book.