What Is Your Most Successful Form Of Marketing?

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Curious to know what forms of marketing is most successful for you all? I just started social media marketing. I feel like I need to do another form of marketing as well but not sure what work best.

@LaTamra Crane ,

The best form of marketing is what works for you.  One person might be extremely successful at cold-calling, where another wouldn't be willing to call strangers with a gun to their head.  If you do direct mail, there's an expense that you may or may not be willing to spend.  If you decide to go online, there's a fair bit of work to get a good site up and running and constantly fed, and it's slow to gain traction.

I recommend researching all the different types of marketing and see what would work for you.  If you find something that resonates, commit to sticking with it for the long-term.

Hey LaTamra,

Cold calling & Direct mail are two forms of marketing that have stood the test of time. I have built my business on these two marketing channels alone.

They key is speak to as many homeowners as possible every single day!

When I first started I had about $1,500 to my name - I drove for dollars found a property in distress, wrote them a letter and made $24,000 on my first deal. Make sure to stay ACTIVE and prospect daily.

Hope this helps.

Digital lead generation - hands down. When you come up with a marketing plan it has to be scalable, money friendly, smart, effective, with respect to time. I feel digital marketing through social media ads and sites have answered all the above. Most people shy away from it because they aren’t good at it. Hope this helps. 

Hi @LaTamra Crane ! I will agree 2 of the most consistent lead gen methods for my clients are direct mail, and cold calling. The success is largely determined by the quality of the lead list, so make sure to spend ample time sourcing, narrowing down, and cleaning your list. There's no sense in using high quality marketing to lower quality leads or folks whos property isn't your ideal criteria. Utilizing data scrubs like skip tracing and sold home data can help keep your data up to date.

If you'd like to connect on creating an engaging direct mail campaign or sourcing direct to seller leads, I'd be happy to help strategize.

Don't hire anyone for marketing unless they really believe in you and what you do. Hire the marketing people who are most excited about your mission, product, business, vision, etc. Beyond that, our greatest marketing asset has been word-of-mouth from happy clients, and happy clients who keep coming back and bring their friends!

@LaTamra Crane

Build relationships.

Im a high velocity flipper in The Midwest. I used to spend money on marketing, a **** ton of time on Zillow.

Now I spend time networking with agents, explaining my wheelhouse, my experience, my ability to close quick.

The difference is night and day. Less money. More deals. They often filter the no to deals. I’ve created outlets to sell deals.

Marketing is a liability. Relationships are an asset.

@Victor Vella nails it. I don't want to work with some random I found on google. I want someone to put their reputation on the line for their recommendation. . I'll take that over a review any time.