Tools to create a cash buyer list

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Hey Andrea,

I've closed a $45,000 deal using this very website. I posted my deal on the market place and sold it 2 days later. I would also join all my local investor FB groups to find more buyers.

Hope that helps. 

Networking at REIA/BP Meetups is likely the most common way to find cash buyers, but if you get creative, there are many other ways. Some alternative strategies are:

1.Check your county assessor website for absentee property owners near the property you have under contract. Absentee owners that own multiple nearby properties will possibly be interested since they have already performed research on the area. If they aren't interested in buying your deal, maybe they will be interested in selling you their current property!

2. Get an absentee list with only 100% equity owners. This indicates that the property owner is an investor and owns their property free and clear. This is an indication that they may have cash available. You can get this data from or an alternative.

3. Visit auctions and ask frequent bidders if they buy from wholesalers. Individuals who buy at auctions have to provide a check AT THE AUCTION to purchase a foreclosure. If they are at the auction frequently, then they have lots of cash to purchase deals from you.