Wholesaling in massachussetts

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@Helison Cabral Gomes

I don't wholesale deals in MA though I know what I'm looking for from them.

Easiest way to start wholesaling is to start door knocking. If I'm going to buy a deal from you, it looks like the SFH market in Brockton is hot between 300k and 350k. So if you want to sell me a property to flip, I expect to pay you between 210 and 245 minus renovation costs.

You don't have to find the nastiest place on the block just one that is going to make your buyer some money. Start building your network, tell everyone you know about your business, get a "Buying Homes for Cash" sign for your car, and get organized.  LOTS of real estate deals will come from persistence and thus being there when the seller finally realizes their places isn't worth the price they want for it.

Check out BP Podcast 346, https://www.biggerpockets.com/..., for some good incentive on wholesaling.  If you decide to listen, remember that the person on the Podcast IS NOT you, he should be inspiration, not competitioin.

And most importantly, once you find a good deal, send it my way :)