Wholesale Co-Op in NYC

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Seller and I agreed to good price for Co-op in Flatbush Brooklyn. The property is in good shape and comps show it’s a great deal but I’ve never wholesaled a Co-Op before. The seller said his HoA is careful about who they sell too so I will likely be screened or something of that nature. Through the use of comps it has a high profit margin. But I’m not sure how attractive Co-Ops are these days. Are wholesaling Co-Ops any different from normal deals and is there anything I should be weary of?

@Joshua Nowell

Make sure you understand all the rules and be aware if the price is too low the Coop board might reject the sale it is their right to protect the price per share for each shareholder.. Personally I would stay away from Coop too many rules which provides limited options if things don’t turn out as you want..