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Just got out of active duty army & wanting to pursue wholesaling .

I have a property under contract & I struggle with finding cash buyers ... I have recently posted on Zillow, Facebook, Craigslist . I understand it takes time but also I’m a rookie & would appreciate any advice or tips on other great websites or apps to post on . Thank you!

@Armando Noel Rojas

@Stephen J Davis has good advice. You can find investors in your local REI groups, online, and even cold calling. Find those people and form a relationship with them. Get to know what they're looking for. Some people will say that investors won't want to talk to you until you have deals ready for them. I found exactly the opposite. It's a numbers game for everyone. As an investor looking for properties, they want to be on as many wholesalers lists as possible so opportunities will be presented to them. And then when you do bring opportunities to them, make sure they work as a solid deal. If you're trying to sell a deal where you make a bucket of cash and there's little to no profit for your buyer, they're going to stop paying attention to you and group you in with the all-to-many wholesalers who are out for themselves and not their buyers.

Good luck!

Typically if it's a good deal then it shouldn't be an issue finding a buyer honestly. Especially since you mentioned it was posted in quite a few places. Could you share your numbers on the deal such as ARV, Repair Cost, Under Contract Price and what your asking for. Maybe that will help to see if it's a true deal.