Real Estate Wholesaling

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If you know who your end buyer is at the time of contract (reverse wholesaling), then you just put that end buyer's title company. This would be true for both assignments and A to C closings. If you don't know your end buyer, call a few of the larger title companies near you and ask if their office is familiar with the assignment of contracts and/or dual closings; if so, ask if you could speak with that closing agent and ask how they handle them. If it sounds like a good fit, be sure to get that closing agent's contact information so you can send documents as you get deals.

@Vanessa Smith In addition to what @Tanya Johnson provided, you might also consider performing a search for title companies on BiggerPockets. You can filter to your city and state. You want to get one or two that are investor-friendly and understand assignments or double-closing if required. We found our preferred title company this way, and they are fantastic.

Here's a stupid idea - Go to a legitimate title company and just do one escrow.

Be bold and let the seller and true buyer see what you're getting for a skim off the deal.

Dare you.