Wholesaling in Boston MA

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Hey everyone ! I'm new to wholesaling in Boston MA! I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how to start, and if anyone could recommend some local title companies/ attorneys , that do closing deals with wholesalers. Any other facts about the market would be greatly appreciated as well !! Thank you !

Welcome to BiggerPockets @Darrene Hurr . I'm a local wholesaler/investor here in Boston. My company is always willing to partner with local wholesalers, investors, real estate agents/brokers, private money lenders, etc.. You can check my website out in my bio and get all the information you need there. As far as your wholesaling journey, I would probably advise you to start off by buying a list of potential motivated sellers, skip tracing them and then cold calling them. Cold calling them is usually the fastest way to get ahold of potential motivated seller. You also might want to text message them or send them direct mail if you can't get in contact with them on the phone. However texting messaging them can be dangerous if not done properly and could lead to potential lawsuits, so do your own due diligence before pursuing that avenue. Driving for dollars is definitely another great way to potentially find motivated sellers. Some wholesalers also use bandit signs to generate leads. These are just a few simple ideas for you to get started. Ultimately you have to figure out your budget and then decide what particular methods you can afford to pursue at the moment. The most important thing is taking action... By the way it's always a good idea to attach a picture of yourself to your new BiggerPockets profile. Most people like to see who they are communicating with on this site. Just a suggestion.