Can you wholesale real estate in the winter?

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Im not sure if you can wholesale real estate in the winter to my strategy by finding a potential lead and getting it under contract with a seller to assign that contract to a rehab but I don't believe you can rehab in the winter especially out sound and I'm in Buffalo so definitely not. I either tho about virtually wholesale in the west coast in the winter where there is no snow. Any advice.

You can do it but it is obviously harder to do. The market generally slows down in winter. Not many people want to move in winter however someone who would be flipping might look at that as an advantage because they can get a better price and have time to complete the project for the spring selling season. 

To throw another perspective in, as someone who lives in the southern US, I have never even thought about not moving because of the time of year. So I think it definitely varies by region. Virtual wholesaling might be the way to go then since you live in NY.

I don't know this for sure, but wholesaling in the winter could provide an opportunity in your region. If most wholesalers in NY take a break during the winter, then you could face less competition. After all, a lot of motivated sellers are forced into a situation and don't have the luxury of "choosing" when to move. I suppose concerns could arise with flipping the property to the end buyer though since they will likely have the luxury of moving when they choose.

@Mysonne Johnson

Perhaps. I've heard from the BP podcast that properties are more difficult to rent during the winter because of the weather. So you may face some difficulties with that as well. I think the best suited scenario is finding a distressed property that will take a few months of rehab, and then wholesale to a flipper. A few months after the rehab starts, the weather should improve and sellers will probably be ready to purchase. 

That being said, I wouldn't let any of the barriers keep you from starting. If you find a good enough deal, you will find a buyer!