Attracting Virtual Wholesalers to focus on the Hartford Market?

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I would like to attract Virtual Wholesalers to focus on the Hartford Connecticut Market? No one seems to be doing much wholesaling. There is a lot of cash buyers not putting their money to work. How do you encourage virtual wholesalers to pay attention to this market? 

talk to the local attorneys and ask for names, you'd be surprised that there probably is more wholesaling activity going on than you think.  Many times wholesalers have relationships with good quality buyers and a deal is sold directly without marketing it and passing it all around.  

Specific ideas to your question, find out who is doing virtual wholesaling in another market and build a relationship with them. Prove that you are a serious buyer and they if they spend the time, effort and money, to find deals in your market that you will come through as a buyer for them. Maybe even offer to fund a marketing campaign for them for exclusive access to the deals that come about (thats assuming you don't want to learn and do the marketing yourself, which I think is the best bet).

think about their perspective, if they have no relationships in a market why would they spent time and money to find deals that they might have to scramble to even sell?

Why focus on virtual wholesalers. Having a focused good website for your business can do that to capture leads through digital ads and exposure. I’ve always used that and don’t have an issue capturing leads.