What's the best solution for finding deals?

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So far I pulled list source and prop stream. I have been mailing postcards and still have not got leads. Changed the plan- I set up a cold calling by hiring VA and I keep mailing postcards every week. It got so frustrated me so even I saw people got their first deal. It became more doubt in my mind, but I keep my head up.


500 postcards per week 


Cold Calling 50-200 sellers per day 

Any feedback. What did I miss or wrong way I did do? Appreciate your listening.

@Jake Bryant Maybe you sent your post cards to the same leads like many others investors using Propstream etc and it is not making you stand out. Maybe you should try handwritten letters.

Did you start cold calling by yourself and then hire VA ? Because if not this is probably not the best idea. You will miss a lot of lessons from this conversations. I hope this help a little.

I think postcards lists and cold calls are all old school. Yes those are good follow up plans however to get an initial lead - I use my website and promote that and do digital ads abs much much cheaper than the old school ways. Why do you think businesses love technology ? It lowers expenses and costs! The same applies here. Dm me if you have questions.