How would you wholesale PRE-foreclosed homes?

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Javon Rice

Real Estate Investor from Dayton, Ohio

May 17 '13, 08:42 AM

I seem people say preforeclosed homes are good homes to go after but how would you sell them? Give me a scenario so I can better understand please.
Thank you in advance!

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Anson Young Verified Video

from Denver, Colorado

May 17 '13, 09:11 AM

the same way you would wholesale any other home. If it has equity, of course. I couldnt imagine going through the headache of a short sale just to wholesale, but it could be done.

Find motivated seller (in this case, preforeclosure is the motivation), get a contract with that seller, find a buyer for a higher price and get a contract with that buyer, show up to closing (if a double closing) and close A to B and B to C on the same day. Boom, done!

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