Wholesale KPI averages

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I’m trying to fill in some KPI’s for my business but I’m just starting out and don’t have any numbers tracked yet, does anyone know Louisville average KPI’s or national averages for wholesaling that could help me out?

What do you mean? What key point indictors are you looking for?

@Justin Stamper Things like lead to contract, offer to contract, fallout % and stuff like that. Any infos helpful I’m just trying to get an idea of how many deals and offer and contracts I need to meet my goal this upcoming year.

Some key KPIs

1) Have you posted 20,000 day-glo signs with a phone number that never answers?

2) Have you sent out 126,000 letters in handscrawl about how much you want to help people and how nice you are

3) Do you have a loosely worded sales agreement that ties up a seller and gives you total freedom to walk if the deal gets sticky?

4) Do you have a low-ball-o-meter to make sure you don't offer more than 60% of FMV

5) Do you have a timer to track from first contact to buyer signature?  Goal is <5 minutes.

6) In your E/M deposit account, do you have $3 (to pay for your latte)?

7) Do you have a ARV calculator set to grossly over-estimate pricing by 50%?

8) Do you have a library of assumed LLCs so that the state REA can't track you easily?

LOL dont listen to that troll above me. I don't think national averages are going to help you, and I feel like your going to just have to use your own numbers. Just make sure you keep track of everything. A simple excel spreadsheet will do for now. 

Hey there @Trevor Weis , I have an online KPI dashboard that I created from over 20 spreadsheets for other wholesalers.  If this is something that interest you or someone else, let me know.  It's taken over a year to get it all online.  Finally live, phew!!