Newbie Wholesaling Comps / Softwares

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Hi there all! So, I am a newbie investor getting into the virtual wholesale business. I am here to ask you all what are some of the resources and tools you use to get your comps and are there any softwares worth the money the "gurus" charge for them? I have been watching so many videos and there is so much info and suggestions out there that it is getting a bit overwhelming. Thank you for all your answers in advance! 

@Samantha Baez I have no affiliation with, but I highly recommend Propstream. I find the cost to be well worth it. If cost is a prohibitor and you are strictly looking for software to assist with comps, then I recommend using Zillow. Yes, Zillow catches some flack for their Zestimates, but filtering to "Recently Sold" is going to provide you with most of the same data for comps that you'd be able to find elsewhere. 

Quick tip for running comps:

1. Run comps against similar property types (i.e a SFH is not a comp for a Duplex)

2. Pull your comps from within 0.5 miles of the subject property

3. Pull your comps from within the last 3 months. 

There are more details to go along with these, but those are my Big Three for comps.