Can i be a wholesaler while having a full time Job?

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Hi my name is Nickel i'm French i live in London and i've just subscribed on bigger pockets today

I've been working on my education every single mostly on bigger pockets and my plan is to get into real estate as a wholesaler

A wholesaler seem to be a full time investor and not a passive investor so i wonder if Can i start investing as a wholesaler while i'm working in a full time Job ?

Looking forward to hear from you guys

Thank you for your help...

You can be any kind of real estate investor while having a full time job as long as you are willing to put in the work you will find success in this business. Sometimes it takes a good while (many months)before you get to closing on your first deal or it could happen within no time at all. Hanging in there is an ability for the serious investors not the Ionlywanttowetmyfeeters....


It can be done but it takes work. It's all about consistency and putting systems in place to make things easier, especially with a full-time W-2 job. Not sure about the markets around London but don't expect deals to fall in your lap right and left. You've got to stick to the grind when you're 3-4 months into your marketing campaign and still haven't done a deal yet. Again, its about consistency and systems.

Hope this helps.

I would highly recommend that you keep your full-time job. Just like any other business you can anticipate 1-2 years of losing money or just breaking even before you have learned the lessons of running your business. Then you can really begin to show a profit. Maybe in 3-5 years you can go full-time but even then the added stress of realizing you longer have the security of knowing a steady paycheck to cover the bills can be a killer.

The issue I ran into was what do you do when the phone rings. I currently work in an insurance office, I'm on the office phone all day helping customers. If I were to interrupt this to answer personal calls that would be bad (and If I ever got caught using the agency resources to conduct personal business I would most likely loose my job). I'm currently working on my real estate license, and planning to get into leasing & management. For me, the list of benefits to making this move is a long one. If you don't already have a career going, you might consider making some aspect of real estate a full time job.

I started learning about wholesaling 2 months and I also have a full time job.
I work 12hr shifts so I have more free time than the average
Work schedule. It does require time management and discipline
Don't give up and stay self motivated :)

Yes Jason i'm worried about the same issue how can i provide a quality service when most of the time i can't answer the phone during the day although in the first few months i'll be much busy on the Marketing but still i have to answer some phone call...

I thing i will sort out this issue as soon as i get started and see how i can organise my self

thank you

Hi Nickel, Busy people can't get to the phone every time it rings. If it concerns you, have it on your voice mail that you call people back from noon to 1pm (lunch time) and after 5pm, that way people know you are not just blowing them off and when to expect a call back.

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