Off Market House Estate Sale

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I went to an estate sale over the weekend and the owner wants to sell the house because theyre having mortgage issues. Does anyone know how it would work? If there’s still a mortgage how does the process go? Is it an assignment of contract? The house could be a quick flip it’s outdated a little but pretty much only lipstick work.

Depends on the seller. What do they want? What's their motivation? From there you can create a win-win. If you're just looking to wholesale, its pretty straightforward with calculating numbers, getting under contract, marketing and then assigning. If you have any questions reach out.

Are you buying it? Are you wholesaling? If you are buying run numbers for rehab and ARV then give them a fair price for the project. You could try and assume the loan if the bank will let you. A few different angles to come at it just depends what the plan is.