Wholesale real estate questions

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I am in need for a teacher that I would be able to call or text about wholesale real estate. I am 19 years old and I am trying my very best to start. I don’t want poverty to sneak up on me.

@Dewayne Maxwell

Hey Dewayne,

There are many ways to get out of poverty and rest assured there are no short cuts.  Even if you were to learn everything there is to learn about wholesaling it doesn't guarantee you anything.

If you work hard at anything it gives you the best opportunity to get out.

A tried and true way to get out (the way I did) was go to college and get an education get a high paying job from that education.

Another way is to find a trade that has a high paying salary and work you tail off and make money.

Poverty never snuck up on anybody.  We were born into it and only hard work and dedication will get you out. We are all given the same opportunity at 5 years old to get a free education and in that process we all have the opportunity to work hard.  

I would ask you to look back at your performance the past 18 years to see how hard you really worked.  If you did then you don't have to worry about poverty your work ethic will get you out.  If you didn't then learning wholesaling will be all for not without that hard work.

I am sorry I am lecturing but you are you are speaking from a victims point of view.  If you believe in yourself and work hard poverty is easy to escape.  

Just an opinion from a 49 year old man who grew up in poverty but got his university education, worked hard, found a great career and did good for himself and his family.  

I didn't let anything sneak up on me, I went out a got it.

Good luck!!!