Getting wholesale deals from other wholesalers?

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I have recently discovered that some wholesalers get deals from other wholesalers and ultimately assign the contract they received from the original wholesaler to their own buyer. Seems like a genius idea but was wondering if that is ethical. Would like to know different opinions!

@Alex Ibarra There nothing wrong with doing a Joint Venture with another investor if you don't have a deep enough buyers pool Agents do it all the time within their own brokerage in order to get the property more exposure. The main difference is, it's going to cut into you profits by almost half. 

JVing deals is a great thing BUT DO NOT just take another wholesaler's deal and re-market it without gaining permission first! There are TONS of wholesalers that just daisy-chain deals they have no control over and never even talk to the other wholesaler involved. This happens more than often. So my advice is always to talk to the wholesaler that has the deal and ask for permission FIRST before trying to sell other people's deals.