Investing in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area

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Hi all,

I was hoping to get started with my first wholesale deal in the next month of two after I continue to learn more about the process. I'm still in college, but would love to get started with real estate early and maintain an income on the side. I was wondering what some of the best tools and resources to learn about wholesale are? So far my research has led me here and through many, many YouTube videos and articles, but there are still some concepts that I am not grasping. I also am mainly worried about how to keep my risk limited, since I am relatively young with a lesser sum on money than most real estate investors. Thank you to all who help, I appreciate it!

Well if you want to close on your next wholesale deal this month, then you should have started 2 months ago, haha. 

Wholesaling is tough and it takes a lot of hustle, determination and grit to get deals done. Especially in the crazy hot market we are in now.

I am a big believer of learn by taking action. I think a lot of people will get carried away with the education phase and never make the jump. I would encourage you to take the jump and just try to get something going. There will be a lot that you don't know but if you let that hold you up then you will never learn. 

Try not to get sucked down the youtube rabbit whole. There are some great resources out there but be sure to get it, get the knowledge you need then go out there and actually DO IT.

Feel free to reach out if there is any other way I can help. Im always up to talk some real estate.