Prep Real Estate and Investing Mentorship

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I’m Jaren Smith, a 27 yr old father of 2. I work full time but I have a strong desire to get out of the rat race and develop financial stability and time for my family. I’m looking for direction into where or what I should invest in to start increasing my cash flow so that I can quit my job as a Restaurant Manager.

I already have ideas of what I would run my LLC as and am studying strategies of getting into wholesale real estate. I want to make the best of my time, while I am still working full time, to develop skills and learn financial literacy. I understand it may be difficult in the beginning with the dynamic of my situation, but I am willing and my family is supportive of how this can change our lives.

@Jaren Smith

Hey Jaren, I too am a father of 2 that wanted out of the rat race. My plan was to wholesale and get enough funds to be able to House Hack my first property. Right now I’m still wholesaling while working full time, but I’m in the process of house hacking! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This was my strategy though hopefully it helps! I’m not experienced very much, I’ve only been wholesaling about a year, all I can do is encourage you, that decision I made a year ago has changed my life and I hope you find something that does the same for you!