What has been your best Lead Generating Wholesale deals come from

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I am trying to figure out what has worked for other Wholesaler/Cash investors, in finding deals I hear of so many people getting 3-5 deals a month, and I'm struggling to get one deal this year, please let me know what your best advice is to generate leads. 

Thank you

Kevin Valenzuela

The best marketing channel is whatever channel you can afford and whatever you're good and consistent at. The people that are doing 3-5 deals a month probably either spend a lot of money in marketing (direct mail, ppc, etc) or spend a lot of money hiring people and building out teams to do cheaper forms of marketing like cold calling. Another option is SEO which is free (cost a lot to have someone do it for you or teach you though) and very profitable if you do it right and are ranking #1 in your market. That takes awhile to come to fruition though. 

I've been cold calling for past 3 months, but agree with @Duane Alexander and @Bryant Brislin .  There's so many variables, but picking the right market and selecting a marketing approach that is effective for that particular market and that you can execute on consistently is the key to success.  It definitely takes time (and many times people don't post how many months it took to start getting deals), but keep on learning and growing!  There's great content on BP, but I've seen a lot of good content on Youtube and FB.  

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@Duane Alexander love your posts man! Excited to be working with ya on ppc! 

With that said, SEO and PPC have been our best lead source!!! But, don’t do ppc unless you have 3-6 months of budget upfront!

 heck yeah, I can't wait!

@Laura Casillas for a 6 month PPC in Austin TX (competitive) I would recommend at least $12k (2k per month) at the absolute minimum. If you don’t have that kind of money to risk on PPC, I wouldn’t touch it at all and stick to cold calling, direct mail, SEO, or something else.