What are ths MUST LEARNS for wholesale real estate?

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I’m trying to get started in wholesaling and I’ve done a lot of research but I’m wondering where to go after I’ve found a distressed property and what contracts to use to get that distressed property.

What Peter said. The second thing you probably should know is that that is easier said than done. In other words keep your day job.

Hey Matthew! Once you find a distressed property you have to skip trace the owner. Skip tracing means that you find out who the owner of that distressed property is, and get into contact with them. There’s lots and lots of softwares that help you find who the owner is.

If the owner is motivated and wants to sell, then you use a Purchase and sales agreement to get the property under contract. 

Watch YouTube videos on skiptracing,  and videos as well as talk to an attorney on how to create this contract.