Lexington Kentucky Area

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Hi newbie to the real estate world currently learning to wholesale and enrolled for my license, any tips would be greatly appreciated, also any Investors I can talk with to get a feel of what to be on the look out for?

@Renisha Johnson welcome to REI and the BP forums. That is kind of a loaded question since those two parts of real estate definitely can clash. Ethical interest and all. You should come to our Lex meet ups and you would meet people on both sides of that and you can make a judgment call for yourself.


I'm interested in acquiring multifamily in Lex, ideally 20-80 unit apt buildings. Nothing in high crime, graffiti, etc areas. If you come across anything, I'd be more than happy to offer a finder's fee or pay a wholesale fee for an assignment.  Feel free to connect with me and add me to your distribution lists.

@James Wilcox

Great point! When I first started out I was under the impression that it’s all one thing. Truly it’s not but they really can be utilized well together. Maybe you have an exit strategy that you’re focusing on? Fine tuning one niche will gateway you to other investing strategies.

Investor friendly realtors are becoming more abundant in todays markets!