Driving for dollars question

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When D4Ding, are you looking strictly for abandoned and messed up, or do you also include sloppy and unkempt?

I did my first drive today and covered my entire borough (about 2 sq miles) and only found 8 properties... 5 sloppy and 3 possibly abandoned.


Hi David, I look for all that you mentioned - never know where a deal might come from.  What market you looking in?    On O'ahu I came across a property that I was amazed sellers wanted to sell fast for cash.  

All of the above. if there is a house that isn't abandoned but still looks like it's not being taken care of, that could be an indicator of another issue. Maybe they don't have the money to keep it up, maybe there is someone renting it and the landlord isn't taking care of the property. 

@David Rosenhaus Anything that might even possibly fit that category - it costs you less than a buck to send them a letter or skip trace and call, so what do you have to lose?

I just completed a big flip in Haiku Plantation, which is in @Bryan Vukelich 's town of Kaneohe. One of the most damaged properties I've ever purchased - perhaps the worst. You never know what might be going on behind the scenes, even if it's only 'mildly ugly' on the outside. I'll talk to anyone and everyone, especially since I do creative financing and don't need to force everything into a typical 70% formula.