wanna know how to get started. Any advice?

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Hello, my name is Brandon and I am 16. I wanna gain as much information and education on wholesale real estate. Is there a way to start? What should I know? What are do’s and dont’s? Any help is greatly appreciated.

@Brandon Perez Go on Youtube and check out Brent Daniels, Max Maxwell, Pace Morby, and Jamil Damji. Read the book, “ If You Can't Wholesale After This, ” by Todd M. Fleming. Listen to the Wholesale Inc and BiggerPockets podcast where ever you listen to podcasts.

I would really focus on free education first. There is so much information on Youtube and on podcasts. From there it's all about taking action. Start calling sellers!!! Once you invest your time into the biz you can then take a look at investing in coaching programs. 

I am a big believer in surrounding yourself with the right community. Don't be afraid to invest in yourself so long as you do the proper due dilligence.